Tesla Model Y Now Available!

Where Can The Tesla Taxi Take Me?

Servicing Melton Mowbray- Leicestershire-Rutland-East Midlands and the wider area.

With a range of over 300 miles on a single charge the Tesla can take you to most destinations in the UK. The Supercharging capabilities mean that the vehicle can be fully charged and ready to go again in under an hour. 

Business to Business transfers, Executive Travel and Airport Transfers are available. 

Free Wifi on Board, Commuting, Airport Transfers you will always be connected



The Tesla Taxi Company is the first Executive Transfer company in the UK to only use Electric Vehicles. Founded in 2020 and with the goal of offering all customers the experience of travelling to their destination in the superb Tesla Car.

Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure the Tesla Taxi will get you to your destination in serene luxury.