We are pleased to announce the newest car to the Tesla Taxi is the all-new Tesla Model Y SUV. In stunning black with a crisp white interior

We had the pleasure of speaking on BBC Radio Leicestershire about our business this week follow the link to listen again. We are on at 10:15. Summaya Mughal – 18/01/2022 – BBC Sounds

Carbon Offsets

Tourism is responsible for roughly 8% of the world’s carbon emissions, making it a significant contributor to climate change.

A round trip flight from San Francisco to Paris can produce just over 1.25 metric tons of carbon emissions per passenger. That’s over a quarter of the amount of carbon that the average person worldwide produces per year – just from one round trip flight.

Every time you fly on a plane, stay in a hotel, ride in a taxi, or create waste, carbon emissions are being generated. While there are many ways that you can and should minimize your carbon footprint while travelling – from turning off the air conditioner to renting electric vehicles – no matter how sustainable your travel habits are, certain carbon emissions are unavoidable. That’s where carbon offsetting comes in. 

Taking the All-electric Tesla Taxi will help you contribute to your own personal carbon offset. 

The Tesla Taxi Company Ltd is the first company to offer exclusive all-electric Executive Travel, Airport Transfer and Business to Business commuting. Therefore, you can travel to your destination in style and with the environment in mind. Follow Tesla Taxi News for all the Tesla updates from the world of Tesla electric vehicles.

Range anxiety is a common discussion topic with owners of electric vehicles. Can you make it to the next charge point?, will it be working?

As any owner of a Tesla knows this should not be an issue. The network of Tesla chargers is continually growing and with Tesla’s unique ability to plug into any charging device. furthermore, if you find yourself needing a little bit of juice you can charge it with a 3 plug.

Even on a trip to Everest !!

The Tesla Taxi can take you anywhere you wish to go even Mt Everest !

Because every Tesla car made since October 2016 is equipped with the necessary sensor suite for full self-driving, each of these cars also supports autonomous driving development. Tesla’s vertical integration and scale provides the company with billions of miles of global real-world data that is gathered as Tesla vehicles are driven. This helps us identify edge cases, train our autonomous driving system, and test how a feature would perform in the real-world, without actually activating them. Read more Here