Booking and Payment Terms & Conditions

  1. To secure a booking, FULL payment is required at the time of booking unless there is a contractual agreement between the company and the customer. By making and or paying for a booking, all of the terms & conditions have been accepted.
  2. Payments can be made securely online via credit or debit card. No credit or debit card details are taken or stored directly on the website. Payments are processed via a secure third party system. In the case of a contractual agreement, and where agreed in advance, an invoice will be raised and must be paid by bank transfer within 14 days. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.
  3. Cancellations & Refunds: Cancellations made up to one week before the agreed pickup will be refunded in full. Cancellations made between one week and 48 hours before the agreed pickup will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the agreed pickup will be charged at the full amount and no refund will be given.

Service Terms & Conditions

  1. Customer Property – Customer’s property/baggage is carried in our vehicles at the owners risk.
    • Customer Cases – We endeavour to accommodate customers case requirements. There is a safe limit to the number of cases per vehicle. The following measurements must be considered the Maximum currently possible.
    • Large Samsonite type hard case 74cm x 50cm x 31cm
    • Large Samsonite type hard case 68cm x 44cm x 26cm 
    • Large soft case 64cm x 41cm x 28cm
    • Large soft case 64cm x 41cm x 28cm
    • Small Samsonite type hard case 53cm x 39cm x 20cm
      • Failure to follow the above restrictions will lead to The Tesla Taxi Company Ltd being unable to transport all of the luggage.
  2. Pickup Time – It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they are ready to leave at the booked pickup time. Any delay resulting in additional issues i.e. missed flight will not be the responsibility of the Tesla Taxi Company.
  3. Airport Transfers – If the booking is an outbound flight, we expect the booked pickup time to reflect a minimum arrival time of 3 hours prior to flight time. For example, flight time is 14:00, to arrive 3 hours before this at 11:00 the booked pickup time for a 2 hour transfer should be no later than 9:00.
  4. Flight Delays – If the booking is an inbound airport transfer and in the event of your flight being delayed it is your responsibility to contact The Tesla Taxi Company and inform us of your situation – The sooner you contact us the more likely we can rearrange and where possible reschedule your transfer.
    • Our drivers will wait for 1hr 30mins, at no extra charge, from your booked flight arrival time.
    • After 1hr 30mins there is a fee of  £25.00 an hour (this is to cover our drivers wages and parking fees). 
    • If you are delayed for a considerable time our driver may not be able to wait due to other transfer obligations. Where possible we will try to pick you up later, at no extra cost, if this ties in with our transfer schedule for the day. However if other transfer arrangements are made, at your request, these will be made at a cost to you and your original transfer will be charged as expected.
  5. At all times safety is our primary concern therefore if at any point, circumstances beyond our control, could prevent us from providing a secure and safe service we reserve the right to cancel your transfer.
  6. Delivery of Service: – Every effort is made by The Tesla Taxi Company to get to you and to get you to your destination on time and a comfortable and safe manor however, the following adverse conditions, beyond our control, may prevent this:
    • Adverse or severe weather conditions – Where safety of you you your party and/ or our drivers could be compromised
    • Airport closure
    • Road traffic accidents
    • Unforeseen traffic delays
    • Vandalism and terrorism
    • Force Majeure*
    • Industrial action by third parties
    • Problems caused by other customers
    • The vehicle being held or delayed by a Police officer or Government official on the road and including border controls

The Tesla Taxi Company will not incur any liability whatsoever in the event of a delay due to the above circumstances, which are considered out of their control.

*In the event of “Force Majeure” The Tesla Taxi Company will not be held responsible. The above cancellation policy will not apply and no refunds will be issued (Force majeure allows an exemption from liability, that is to say that the liability which normally should have been retained in the light of the applicable rule of law is dismissed, by invoking the exceptional circumstances surrounding the event).